-Wear graphic shirts with a bomber jacket or jacket to make it look good aka layering 

Big people have been told all the time what to wear and what not to wear because people think it wouldn’t “look right” or “just play it save”. But I’m here to stay break the rules and look good while doing it! Fashion is always a way to express yourself. For Me being a big guy it’s difficult to find trendy/fashionable clothes in my size. But I always find stuff I like in my size once every blue moon in department stores.

If you are not sure how to start and or change your fashion just try these 4 little tips

  1. Start with the basics:it may seem boring if you are a flashy person, but basics go with everything.its a great base to start a trendy or fashionable look
  2. The perfect size:finding your size is also a great way to look amazing.if something is way too big it will look baggy and make you look bigger or wider.if serving is way to small it will show all your hidden “elements” on your body that you don’t want to show, find something that fits your shape and complements your shape.
  3. Know your measurements: it’s annoying to walk into a store and not know your waist,shirt,show and etc sizes. Always know your size on any store you go into, because it helps like it really HELPS
  4. Lastly,if your shopping online ALWAYS check the size guides and the reviews. Because depending on what site your shopping on has completely different sizes and measurements than other stores.

Like I said before don’t let no one tell you that your fashion is wrong because they don’t get it. Pictures are from my Instagram @IAmJalenTimberlake



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